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PVC/Vinyl – Durability and low maintenance makes PVC fencing a popular choice. PVC is resistant against the elements of nature and can be maintained with a spray from your garden hose.PVC and Vinyl Fence
Wood – Wood fencing still has its’ place in present day fence construction. A properly installed, quality wood fence can last many years and provide a more traditional appearance than other materials.Wood Fence
Aluminum – Both a classical, and contemporary look can be achieved by installing aluminum fencing. Aluminum makes a great choice if elegance is your goal.Aluminum Fence
Chain Link – Chain link fencing is a lower cost solution to keeping your property enclosed. Chain link installation is available for in-ground pools, yards and other applications.Chain Link Fence
Garbage Hiders – The perfect solution to keeping your garbage area tidy. You no longer have to chase your garbage cans on windy days or keep ugly garbage cans out in the open.Garbage Hiders
Vinyl and Aluminum Maintenance-Free Railings – Installation is available for new railings or replacement sleeves over old wood railings. Ask about our front porch railings for beauty and safety!Railings
Garden Entry Arbors – Add a touch of elegance to your property with an arbor from Precision Fence. Arbors are available in your choice of wood, vinyl, or aluminum and in a variety of styles.Arbors
Baby-Loc® Safety Fence – If safety is your priority, we now offer Baby-Loc® safety fence for security around swimming pools or along waterfront bulkheads.Baby-Loc Fence